1. Title

The Club shall be called the ‘Ekco Social and Sports Club’.

2. Address

Ekco Social and Sports Club, Thornford Gardens, Southend on Sea, Essex. SS2 6PU

3. Objects

The objects of the club shall be the promotion and furtherance of the social and sports club activities.

4. Membership

4.1. Membership of the club shall be open to corporate bodies, local residents, local social clubs, local sports club, affiliated clubs, and those members specified in rule 5 hereof and only such members shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges and benefits arising there from.

4.2. No person may be admitted to the privileges of membership without an interval of at least two days between their becoming members and their admission.

5. Classes Of Membership

5.1 Membership of the club shall consist of the following classes:
(a) Ordinary (b) Associate (c) Junior

5.2 Ordinary membership shall subject to Rule 6 be available to every member (see Rule 4) from the age of 18.

5.3 Associate membership shall, subject to rules 6 and 31, is intended to provide temporary day membership and is available to the following:

(a) Proposed members of sub-sections (sporting or social) who are not otherwise eligible to become members of the Club.

(b) Members of other bona fide sports, sporting, social club, association, or organisations visiting the club’s premises for games (whether indoor or outdoor), athletics, sports. sporting events or competitions and similar activities, or attending the Club’s premises for the purpose of an organised function in connection with club’s activities, or jointly with any other Club or association with which the club may be concerned, in connection with any of the foregoing activities, or such members as aforesaid attending the club’s premises for the purpose of presentation of prizes and trophies (whether in connection with any exclusive activity of the club or any activity or competition with or in connection with which the club may be concerned with any other such sports, sporting, social club, association, or organisation as aforesaid) may be made associate members of the club for the day or other period of their visit provided that their names are received by the Main Committee at least two days prior to their membership of the club and that they enter their names in a visitors Book to be kept in the club Pavilion. Such Associate members shall be entitled for the period of their membership to the same privileges as other members of the club, except that they shall not be entitled to attend Annual General Meetings and not be entitled to vote at elections nor to hold office. Also refer to rule 32(b).

5.4 Junior Membership – a member may purchase annually at a fee determined annually by the Main Committee, a junior member’s card or cards for his/her own child or children between the ages of 8 and 18 which will permit such use of the amenities of the club as the Main Committee may from time to time determine. Junior members admitted under this rule may not obtain intoxicants from the club, shall not be entitled to attend annual general meetings, vote at elections, be nominated as candidates for committee or other office, or introduce visitors, and shall be subject to such regulations as the Main Committee shall from time to time make regarding junior members.

6. Discipline

6.1. The Main Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to any person if it considers that there is an adequate reason for doing so and may suspend or expel any member for misdemeanour or violation of the rules. Such a person shall have the right of personal appeal to the Main Committee. (Also refer to rule32 (j)).

6.2. Guests

(a) Names of guest and introducing members shall be entered in the visitors book and the current visitors fee shall be paid.

(b) Guests may not remain on club premises after the departure of their introducing member, who shall also be responsible for the behaviour of such guests while on club premises.

(c) No guest may be introduced who has been excluded or expelled from the Club.

7. Subscriptions

(a) With effect from the start of the club year (1st June), elected members of the club shall pay their annual subscriptions, which shall be set by the Main Committee. In the absence of an acceptable reason for non-payment by July 1st it shall be assumed that the concerned member(s) have resigned from the club.

(b) In addition, there may be a fee for membership of the various sections fixed by the various section committees.

8. Club Year

The Club year shall be deemed to run from 1st June to 31st May inclusive or at the discretion of the Main Committee.

9. Main Committee – Constitution Of

The welfare and management of the club shall be vested in the Main Committee, its members elected at the AGM not exceeding 11 from the club as follows:

1 x Chairman
1 x Vice-Chairman
3 x Ground Sub-Committee (1from each section)
6 x General Membership

Members of the Main Committee shall be elected to serve for the duration of the club year as set out in rule 8 hereof. At the annual general meeting the committee members referred to above shall retire from office but may apply for re-election if still eligible. Re-nomination of a retiring member is unnecessary.

10. Nominations For Election

Nominations for candidates for election to the Main Committee (as per rule 9) must be supported by the names and signatures of at least two members. Nominations are to be submitted to the Chairman at least seven days before the annual general meeting as specified in rule 14 or at an extraordinary general meeting as per rule 15.

11. Election Of Main Committee Members

At the annual general meeting duly convened in May for election of the Main Committee, the members of the committee shall be elected to complete the main committee (rule 9) from nominations by a vote by show of hands.

12. Inaugural Meeting

Within fourteen days of the date of election of the main committee referred to in rule 9, the newly elected committee shall be assembled with the officers to attend to the ordinary and routine businesses of the Club.

13. Officers Of The Main Committee

The Club shall appoint the following officer/s who shall be elected annually by the main committee at a main committee meeting:

(a) Honorary Treasurer: The honorary treasurer who shall not be a member of the elected main committee shall be appointed and he shall be in office during the period set out in rule 8.

14. Annual General Meeting

A general meeting of the members of the club shall ideally be held not later than October each year, to transact the following business:

(a) To receive the audited accounts and balance sheets of the club together with the main committee’s report on the club’s activities.

(b) To elect Vice Presidents.

(c) To elect a President

(d) Any other business (Business must be submitted in writing to the Chairman at least seven days before the annual general meeting.)

(e) If time remains other matters may be considered at the Chairman’s discretion.

A notice of the meeting together with the annual balance sheet shall be posted on all club notice boards at least fourteen days prior to the annual general meeting.

15. Extraordinary General Meeting

A general meeting of the club may be called by the main committee at any time on reasonable notice and in providing two week’s notice in writing to the Chairman. The business of such an extraordinary meeting shall be to deal with only those items in such written notice of motion and any resolution of such a meeting shall be decided by a vote of all members present who are entitled to vote (see rule 5).

16. Meeting Of The Main Committee Ordinary

The Main Committee shall be convened at least once each month for the transaction of ordinary business.

The Main Committee shall be convened at least once each month for the transaction of ordinary business.

17. Meeting Of The Main Committee – Special

The Main Committee shall be convened at such times and places as the Chairman shall deem expedient.

18. Meeting Of The Main Committee – Notice Of

The Office Manager shall provide each member of the main committee with a written notice of every meeting, together with the agenda of such meetings, at least 48 hours before the time fixed therefore.

19. Meeting Of The Main Committee – Quorium

At least one-third of the committee in addition to the Chairman shall constitute the quorum of the main committee meeting which has been convened.

20. Meetings Of The Main Committee Attendances

Any member of the main committee being absent from three consecutive committee meetings, whether ordinary meetings or special meetings, shall be called upon to retire unless he or she provides a satisfactory reason accepted by the majority of the remaining main committee members at the meeting following his or her default.

21. Meetings Of The Main Committee – Voting

(a) All voting shall be conducted by a show of hands.

(b) Chairman shall not vote except in the event of a tie, when he will use his prerogative of a casting vote.

(c) (c) The Honorary Treasurer of the main committee shall not have the right to vote.

22. Depletion Of The Main Committee

If for any reason the main committee falls below the number of members present provided in rule 9 hereof, it should be brought up to full strength by co-opting a suitable member at the discretion of the main committee.

23. Duties Of Officers – Main Committee

(a) Chairman: The Chairman shall be present at each meeting and shall be subject to the provision of rule 20. He shall be responsible for the conduct of members in committee. He shall not open any meeting not properly convened and called. He shall see that only relevant matters are dealt with.

(b) Vice-Chairman: The Vice-Chairman shall take charge of every meeting not attended by the Chairman and in that event will become subject to rule 23(a) and 21(b).

(c) Honorary Treasurer: The Honorary Treasurer shall:

(i) Keep the financial books of the club and produce them at each ordinary meeting of the main Committee and at such special meetings as the Chairman thereof may direct.

(ii) Be responsible to the main committee in all matters entrusted to him.

(iii) Prepare and submit at each ordinary meeting of the main committee, a monthly financial statement.

(iv) Be responsible for banking and safe keeping of all moneys received.

24. Expenditure

No expenditure shall be made and no debt incurred unless it has the sanction of the main committee. On any matter of major expenditure the trustees are to be advised.

25. Independent Review

The whole of the books and records of the club together with the supporting vouchers, invoices and documents, etc., shall be independently reviewed annually by professionally qualified accountants, who are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The appointed accountants shall prepare an Income and expenditure account for the year ended 31st May in each year together with a balance sheet as at that date.

26. Petty Cash

Petty cash for sundry disbursements, shall be held by the Honorary Treasurer or a designated person of the main committee, shall not exceed a suitable sum determined at the start of each club year and minuted by the main committee.

27. Banking

The Club shall have its own banking account. All club monies received from any section, committee member, or any other person, whether they be Club contributions, section contributions, income from special functions or income from any other sources, shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer upon receipt and he shall bank such income regularly.

28. Cheques

Cheques drawn in payment of accounts rendered, wages due, or for any other purpose shall be signed by two people who will be the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman of the club or designated person.

29. Attendance Register

A separate attendance register shall be signed by all members and officers of the main committee at each and every meeting thereof.

30. Club Properties

There shall be not more than four trustees of the club who shall be nominated from the ordinary membership (rule 4 and 5). The first trustees shall be appointed by the main committee, and the property of the club (other than cash which shall be under the control of the Honorary Treasurer) shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the main committee shall from time to time direct by resolution (of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence). The trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the property of the club. The trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by a resolution of the main committee, who may, for any reason that may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting, remove any trustee or trustees from the office of trustee. Where by reason of any such death, resignation or removal it shall appear to the main committee that a new trustee or trustees shall be appointed, or if the main committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional trustee or additional trustees, the main committee shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed new trustee or trustees. For the purpose of giving effect to such nomination the Chairman of the club is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new trustees of the club within the meaning of section 36 of the Trustee Act 1925 and he shall by deed duly appoint the person or persons so nominated by the main committee as the new trustee or trustees of the club, and the provision of the Trustee Act 1925 shall apply to any such appointment. Any statement of fact under such deed of appointment shall in favour of a person dealing bona fide and for value within the club or the main committee be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.

All costs and expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this rule shall be paid out of the funds of the club.

31. Sub – Committees

No sub-committee may be formed until its proposed constitution has been approved by the main committee.

32. Club Bar And Pavilion

The club shall in conformity with the Licensing Acts be registered for the supply of intoxicating liquor to its members and their guests. The affairs of the Bar shall be under the control of the main committee.

(a) The supply of intoxicating liquor shall be made solely in the Club Pavilion.

(b) No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied except to club members and their guests.

(c) The supply of intoxicating liquor and the management and control of the Club Pavilion shall at all times be in strict conformity with the Licensing Acts.

(d) The Club Pavilion shall be open each day provided that the Club Pavilion opening and closing times may be varied at the discretion of the main committee.

(e) The Club shall supply intoxicating liquor during the opening hours of the Bar as laid down by the committee provided always that such opening hours shall not exceed the hours laid down by the local Licensing Justices Act.

(f) The Club Pavilion shall be under the sole management of the main committee.

(g) There shall be kept in the Club Pavilion a register of names and addresses of the Club members and a record of the latest payment of their subscriptions.

(h) No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied for consumption off the premises except to a member on the premises.

(i) Any and all profits arising from the sale of intoxicating liquor by the club shall be applied to the general club funds.

(j) The main committee in addition to its power under rule 6 shall have the right to refuse admittance to the Club Pavilion to any person if it considers there is adequate reason for doing so and may suspend or deny indefinitely or completely the right of admittance to any person for misdemeanour, drunkenness, or any violent, quarrelsome or riotous conduct to the club premises.

33. Loss Or Damage

Any club member adjudged guilty of negligent loss of, or wilful damage to, club property shall make good such loss at his or her own expense and to the satisfaction of the main committee, and shall also be liable to penalties as per rule 6.

The Club will not be responsible for any car, motor cycle, cycle, Accessories, or any property including clothing left in or adjacent to club premises, by either members or their guests.

34. Notices

Every notice shall be posted on the club’s notice boards shall be signed by the Chairman of the Main Committee or representative nominated by him.

35. Resignation Of Club Members

Any Elected member of the club desiring to relinquish his or her membership of the club shall make such a request to the Chairman of the club in writing at least seven days prior to the date he or she wishes such resignation to become effective. No subscription already paid in respect of the un-expired portion of the current financial year shall be returnable.

36. The Club Rules

A copy of these rules shall at all times be kept available at the ESSC office and be made available request.

37. Alterations

No alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except at a meeting of the main committee convened for the purpose of considering such additions and alterations and unless passed by a two-thirds majority of those club members present and voting at a special meeting of members called to consider and confirm such alterations and additions.

38. Disputes

In the event of dispute arising out of these rules or in connection with the club in any way whatsoever, the decisions of the main committee shall be binding on all parties.

Where these rules are silent the main committee shall have the power to act