Out now in paperback, “Ekco Sounds… how a Southend radio maker changed the world” by Chris Poole and Peter C Brown.




When Eric Cole discovered a way to use electricity to power radios in 1922, it was to change his life forever, and his name became an international brand of the must-have gadgets of the day.

His company EKCO was the first to produce car radios, truly portable televisions, convection heaters, and fluorescent lighting. Less known is its important role in radar, providing the technology behind Britain’s first guided missile, and its secret war work monitoring the Nazis.

From plastic baby baths to vital medical equipment, the EKCO brand touched most people’s lives in its 40 years in business, led by a true pioneer. Eric Cole was one of the first to establish apprenticeships and paid holidays, occupational pension schemes and an employee’s sports and social club.

This book offers a unique and fascinating insight into EKCO and its founder from the people who worked there. Vivid memories of work, experimentation and social life at the company are recounted by the people who laid the groundwork for the many innovations of today’s technology, and is sure to appeal to everyone interested in the history of Southend and British invention.